Friday, July 17, 2009

The Three Best Things I Liked About Bruno

I had the day off and had planned on having lunch with a friend, but he couldn't make it. So I decided to catch a 1:30p showing of Bruno. Oh why, oh why didn't I go to see Harry Potter instead? The best thing about Bruno is the end. I don't necessarily mean the credits, but the sing-a-long Sasha Barron Cohen's over-the-top character has with Bono, Elton John, Snoop Dogg, and Chris Martin. [I may have forgotten someone, but whatever. ] The second best thing about the movie was the little black baby Bruno adopts. That kid is a cutie and was worth every second of his time on screen. The third thing I liked best about seeing Bruno today was the fact that I was able to pick up a Georgia Organics Local Food Guide which has a listing of all the local farms, markets, and restaurants that sell organic and natural foods in metro Atlanta. If you happen to be at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema anytime soon, hopefully to see something other than Bruno, you should pick one up. Finally, I'll just sum up and say that Bruno is like a joke that you think is funny, hilarious even, in your head, but when you go to tell it to your friends, no one gets it and no one thinks its funny.

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