Sunday, August 9, 2009


So I went to see A Perfect Getaway yesterday. The ads look good and I really enjoyed Pitch Black which was also directed by David Twhoy. The mistake I made was reading several reviews beforehand. All the reviews mentioned that there was a "twist" and so until that "twist" was revealed I spent much of the time trying to guess what it was. And so I don't think I was able to enjoy the movie quite as much if I had just gone to see it based on the ads alone. I will say that I enjoyed Timothy Olyphant's performance very much and he was worth the price of my $6 matinee ticket. [Yes--just SIX DOLLARS if you head over to Big Cinemas South Dekalb 12 and take in a show before 6pm]. And thankfully, the film is not overly drawn out clocking in at just about 90 minutes and so the thrills come at just the right pace. If you like A Perfect Getaway, and even if you don't, I also suggest you rent Taking Lives starring Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke--it's sort of a variation on the same theme and I think the payoff's a little better. Anyway, A Perfect Getawayis a decent little popcorn flick, but I don't think it will help Hawaii tourism.

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