Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Geeks Get Down

I didn't make it to the movie theater this weekend. I had to clean out a storage closet that had some storm water dampness from all that rain last week and I also attended some activities for my 15th college reunion. So I was pretty tapped out. So instead I mad use of my Netflix subscription and warmed up my Roku player and watched this documentary called Nerdcore Rising. Nerdcore is a form of hip hop where geeky white guys rap about things like their computers, video games and other aspects of their nerdy lifestyles. The movie follows MC Frontalot, who invented the genre and coined the term, and his band on a nationwide tour playing their music. I had never heard of nerdcore before and it was interesting to learn about the subculture. But it's nothing I'd listen to, although it did have a bit of a beat. Yet you can't knock these guys for their imagination and enthusiasm. Get your geek on.

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