Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ninja Rain

Ninja Assassin stars the Korean pop star Rain as Raizo, who is an orphan raised by a secret Ninja clan and trained to be an elite assassin. When his girlfriend is murdered for trying to run away from the clan, Raizo breaks free and seeks revenge against the clan. Meanwhile, the European police are hot on the trail of the Ninja clan, trying to put an end to their murder for hire enterprise. That's the bare-bones plot. The rest of the film is filled from beginning to end with decapitated heads and other body parts, blood, martial arts, sword fights, shoot outs, car chases, blood, and more splatter. Normally, this is not my type of flick, and, sadly, the trimmings were slim at the multiplex this Thanksgiving. But I actually liked this movie. The violence was so over-the-top, it was almost funny. Almost. [I really couldn't understand why the couple next to me brought their two small kids. This was NOT as kid-friendly film.] And the constant action made up for the lean plot and had a very European feel to it, taking place in Berlin and featuring an international cast. I also liked Naomi Harris, the female lead, as a "Europol" officer who figures out what the Ninjas have been up to for a thousand years. Harris was great in 28 Days Later and the BBC adaptation of White Teeth. And then there's Rain himself. [Guys, you can stop reading here.] I think he may quite possibly be the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Make no mistake, it is a very masculine beauty--so ladies, you will be most appreciative.

If you like blood, guts, and ninjas, this flick is for you.


  1. FYI: Linked your review at - Interesting enough, in my my own review(, I also talked about a woman bringing a 10-year-old. What in the world is with these people?

  2. Thanks, Action Flick Chick! I'm assuming people might be trying to save money on babysitters. But this is really not for the kiddies. I'm imagining the costs of the impending therapists bills for night terrors.


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