Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shirtless Man-Child and So-So Vamps

I went with some friends of mine on Friday night to see Twilight:New Moon. I don't know if I have ever been in a theater full of so many women. And of all ages too. It was fun hearing the oohs, ahhs, and screams, especially when Taylor Lautner was strutting across the screen sans shirt and rippling abs. This thirty-something chick can and was appreciating that. I'm definitely team Jacob. Plus the werewolves looked pretty realistic. But, overall, I thought the movie was just ok. It was moody, but in a depressing way. Bella was pining way too much for my tastes. There also wasn't enough good versus evil tension for me. I like my vamps to be dark, brooding and bloody. [Think The Hunger, Let the Right One In, and Thirst.] And I prefer vamps that only hang out at night. I can't help but to think this saga would be better told as an episodic tv series. Much of the story could have been told in an hour, and the way they leave you intentionally hanging is just frustrating. But I guess that's how they make the big bucks and reel you in for more.

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