Tuesday, January 12, 2010

God Takes back An Angel

The Diary of Anne FrankAlthough I love movies, I am not really a fan of black and white films.  I guess it's because I find them hard to relate to and I think many actors in the early days of movie making had a tendency to overact.  There are a few exceptions, one of them being the 1959 version of The Diary of Anne Frank starring Millie Perkins As Anne.  And I think it's because I loved the book so much as a child that I could appreciate and love the film.  Anyway, I bring it up because Miep Gies, the Austrian woman who helped hide Anne and her family from the Nazis and who rescued Anne's diary, died yesterday at the age of 100.  It's so extraordinary when ordinary people do such selfless and courageous acts.  She will always be a shero.  I hope she is resting in peace.

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