Sunday, January 17, 2010

Things That Make You Go... Meh

Do you remember in the last installment of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy when Sam had done the damn thing, the king had been returned, and you had had your fill of lusting after Viggo?  So what happened next after you had been sitting in the dark for well over two hours?  Sam and Frodo returned to the shire--for about 30 more minutes.  I don't know about you, but by that time I didn't give two licks about what was going down in the shire.  I preface this post with that reference to say that from time to time I go through a season where I just don't like film endings.  I think I'm beginning one of those seasons now.  First with Daybreakers and now The Book of Eli.

I'm not going to give much away about The Book of Eli except to summarize and say that Denzel Washington plays a loner in a world gone mad and his only purpose is to deliver a certain book somewhere out west.    Sort of a black Road Warrior but with less car chases and violence, and with much much more religion.  And, there's a twist.  I thought it was a pretty good twist.  But the screenwriter did not know how to deliver the twist and end the story without being too tidy and cliche.  I think where it went wrong was to tie up the loose ends of Mila Kunis's character who was really too minor for me to care.  So I was disappointed with the end.  But Denzel was good and Gary Oldman as the villain was very good.  And so it was not all bad, but just meh.

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