Sunday, February 7, 2010

How Very French

35 Shots of Rum - Movie Poster - 11 x 17I thought pickings were pretty slim at the mega multiplex this weekend so I decided to take in a French film called 35 Shots of Rum which is now playing at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.  I can't say the movie had any real plot and I'm still not sure what happened at the end.  But basically it's a reflection on a father and daughter, Lionel and Josephine.  The mother is presumably dead, but we don't know how or why.  Lionel is a train conductor and Josephine a student.  They have carved out a very routine life for themselves and are seemingly not tempted to widen their circle too much, although Lionel encourages Josephine to be "free."  They have formed a small family unit with their apartment building neighbors Noe, a young man who lives with his dead parents' old furniture and old cat, and with Gabrielle, a cab driver who tries to stand in as a mother figure for Josephine.  Although the film was very loose in structure, I liked it's meandering pace.  Simple, yet complex and very French.

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