Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How I Spent My Memorial Day Weekend

I didn't make it to the multiplex--the reviews for SATC II were so bad I didn't even try.  But in between BBQs I did manage to check some films out on dvd and Netflix.

Tell TaleFirst up, Tell Tale--inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe story "The Tell Tale Heart," Josh Lucas plays Terry, a single father who has just received a heart transplant.  Things seem fine, until he discovers that the donor was murdered.  Although the police can't seem to solve the murder, the heart knows what the heart knows and Terry turns into an unwilling vigilante, uncovering a scheme that involves more than just murder.  I don't remember seeing this advertised in the theater-perhaps it went straight to dvd.  But I really liked it--scary without being too gory and it has an evil twist at the end.  Definitely worth checking out.  Next, I watched The Stepfather   remake.  It was a bad film then and it's a bad remake now.  Enough said. 

Valley GirlSo when that flashback to the eighties didn't work out, I pulled Valley Girl off my shelf and popped it in the dvd player.  Can I tell you, I love this movie.  A very young Nicolas Cage and a very dimpled Deborah Foreman make a cheeky 80's retelling of Romeo and Juliet, like totally bitchin' ya know!  And the soundtrack is like sticky cotton candy on a warm day.  My favorite song--"Johnny, Are You Queer?"  (Check out the prom scene.) Awesome.  Since I was feeling kind of gooey, I moved onto something a bit sappy--Dear John.  Two really attractive people fall in love and then are torn apart by war.  She becomes a martyr by marrying someone she does not love as much and he becomes married to his military career.  Fortunately her husband has a fatal disease, so they can probably be together again in the near future.  Not as good as The Notebook, but much better than Nights in Rodanthe (really, no Nicholas Sparks movie should entirely focus on lead actors over 30 years old.) 

The RoadAnd speaking of movies based on books, my last movie was The RoadI won't lie, I was pretty broke down at the end of this movie.  That's partly the reason I didn't go to the theater to see it--I would have been too depressed.  But it's definitely worth watching.  I especially liked how the father and son interacted.  The man was very warm and affectionate, hugging and kissing his son, although the world they were living in was very harsh and cold.  Plus I love Viggo Mortensen, even if he did look like Grizzly Adams on crack.  (LOL) As post-apocalyptic films go, it was pretty good. 

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