Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mission Man

La MissionLa Mission is an indie film written and directed by Peter Bratt, actor Benjamin Bratt's brother.  Benjamin stars in the film as Che Rivera an ex-con who lives in the Mission district of San Francisco, working as a bus driver.  Che's world turns upside down when he discovers that his son is gay.  Che's machismo gets in the way of accepting his son no matter what.

I am by no means a trained film critic.  I just like movies.  But the more films I see, the greater the appreciation I have for the nuances in character.  And Che is a memorable character.  He has extensive tattoos, which make him seem hard, but he takes his time ironing his pants just so when he gets ready to go out.  He drives a bus, but has a hobby of detailing classic cars and going low riding.  He likes old school RnB and not any hip hop or rap.  He has difficulty asking his neighbor on a date, but can face down any punk.  His favorite catch phrase is telling his friends and colleagues to stay brown.

In addition, to building a strong character, Peter Bratt touches on a number of social issues that Hispanic and African-American communities face today.  Of course there's the theme of homophobia, but he also touches on gentrification, domestic violence, and diabetes.  Also, Peter knows how to spin the old school jams.  The music in this film is phenomenal.  So if you like great family drama, iconic character, and smooth rides and jams, this film is for you. Now on DVD.

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