Saturday, September 25, 2010

Settin' it Off from Charlestown

So last night I went to see The Town starring and directed by Ben Affleck.  It was decent enough as far as bank heist movies go and I enjoyed the Boston accents (reminded me of my three years of law school in Cambridge, MA).   I did not think it was as good as Gone Baby Gone which was Ben's other directorial effort.  And, really, as I sat there watching, I couldn't help but think that I had seen this movie before.  The movie reminded me of Set it Off (1996) starring Jada Pinkett Smith and Queen Latifah.  [No, I wasn't drunk when I saw The Town--I only had a Coke and some peanut M&Ms.] Check it--both stories are about a group of four friends who rob banks.  Jada's charcter Stoney falls in love with a bank employee of one of the banks she's robbing.  Ben Affleck's character Doug falls in love with a bank employee of on of the banks he's robbing.  Queen Latifah plays Cleo who is basically a hot head and destined to go down in a hale of bullets.  Jeremy Renner plays Jim who is basically  a hot head and destined to go down in a hale of bullets.  Stoney and Doug are likeable antiheroes who get away with their crimes, leaving their lovers behind.  Of course, both movies have their own nuances and distinct character motivations such that they can be enjoyed in their own right.  But at the core they are essentially the same movie.  Take a look at both movies and let your eyeballs be the judge.

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  1. In lesser hands, the central relationship might not have worked; but Affleck and Hall make it completely believable, adding to the texture of this classy thriller.


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