Sunday, June 5, 2011

George Takei Took My Cell Phone

This past Thursday night I went to a screening of the new Tom Hanks film Larry Crowne which the actor also directed and co-wrote.  Upon being fired from his managerial job at a large  retail store (think Wal-Mart), the titular Crowne has to make some adjustments in his life to match his new reality.  Told his firing is due to not having a college degree, Crowne enrolls in the local community college and his world expands for the better.  He makes friends with a "gang" of scooter riders and meets the lovely Mercy Tainot (Julia Roberts) who teaches a speech class.  George Takei also makes an appearance as a maniacal economics professor, Dr. M who takes students' devices with wicked glee.  The movie is a benign meditation on the economy and how one might go with the flow of changing circumstances and, instead of losing, winning things that are the most valued in life--friendship and love.  Nothing earth-shattering, but pleasant enough.  It's nice to see Tom and Julia still in the game.

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