Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brothers' Brawl

Sometimes you just feel like a good old fashioned smack-down. And so that's why I went to see the new film Warrior this weekend.  Tom Hardy [who's my boyfriend but doesn't know it] and Joel Edgerton play estranged brothers Tommy and Brendan Conlon who both enter an elite mixed martial arts contest known as Sparta.  The brothers are estranged due to their father's (Nick Nolte) alcoholism.  Both brothers have different reasons for entering the contest and their story centers around their life struggles, issues with their father, and the pain of reconciling the past.  Although the story and characters are not as well defined as similar movies such as Rocky and The Fighter, the film still resonates with the audience by touching on issues of the day including the economy and the Iraq war. Basically, it's a family drama with a big dose of butt-kicking.  Something for everyone.

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