Monday, June 11, 2012

Meeting Your Maker

Or, how I stopped worrying and got over my boyfriend’s alien death, gave myself a c-section, put the robot’s head in the my duffel bag and got on with it.  Ok, I’m being a bit snarky and I apologize if any of that spoils Prometheus for you, but I’m confident you’ll get over it.  I was mildly entertained by this new venture by director Ridley Scott that has been described as the non-prequel prequel to the Alien franchise.  Space exploration coupled with nasty creatures usually makes for a fun time.  The film, co-written by one of the guys who worked on the tv show Lost, tries to be fresh in its homage to myth and religion--the purpose of the voyage to an unexplored planet is to meet these super human beings, or “engineers,” who purportedly made us regular old earthbound humans.  And while that premise eludes to a lofty existential journey to question the whys of one’s own creation and relationship with God[s] (Prometheus who created man and was cast down by Zeus for giving humans fire), there’s no doubt that there’s also some serious retread going on--an alien birth, aliens exploding from bodies, a robot with a secret agenda... same hangover, different planet maybe?  And to top it all off, there’s a big Hollywood ending perfectly setting things up for the sequel to the non-prequel.  We’ll see.

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