Saturday, January 19, 2013

What's Good on Netflix Instant?

I don't get people who say Netflix Instant doesn't have variety.  It is somewhat  limited as to new releases, but there is so much else available to explore if you love movies, especially documentaries.  This week I watched the 2006 documentary Miss Navajo which follows Crystal Frazier, a young Navajo woman who competes for the title of Miss Navajo Nation.  This is not like any other pageant you have ever seen.  No swimsuit competition or innocuous activities for these ladies.  This pageant is steeped in tradition and pride.  One of the main tasks is to slaughter a sheep and prepare it for a traditional family meal. Being able to accomplish this task with little assistance is considered a passage from girlhood to womanhood.  One of the main goals of the pageant is to make sure younger generations hold onto the Navajo language and so the contestants also have to compete in speaking Navajo.  In addition to following Crystal and the other contestants, the filmmaker interviews former Ms. Navajo winners to get a perspective on the pageant and Navajo culture.  I enjoyed this film very much as it exposed to a way of life that I may never have encountered otherwise.

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