Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's Bomb the Apple

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Gimme the Loot is an indie gem about two Bronx teenagers, Sophia and Malcolm, who aspire to be graffiti artist legends.  They decide that to forever seal their legendary status, they should "bomb" the gigantic apple in Shea Stadium that is raised anytime the Mets hit a home run.  See, Malcolm has this connection--Pedro--who can get them into the stadium, if they come up with $500 in two days.  No small feat for two kids who have to steal spray paint to support their art.  And so we watch Sophia and Malcolm as they try everything from selling weed, hawking sneakers, and jewel theft to get their loot.  I loved this film.  The young actors who portray Sophia and Malcolm have real chemistry and, more than that, they are fresh and real.  The writer director Adam Leon also has a real gift for dialog and capturing the feel of New York City.  Where else can you walk around in your socks because someone stole your shoes or walk around with tattoos all over your face and no one give you a second look?  I was hooked.  No wonder the film was the talk of SXSW.

Gimme the Loot is playing now in Atlanta at Landmark Midtown Art Cinema.  Get you some.

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