Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Be the Shoe


In the new film Snowpiercer, humans cause an apocalypse of sorts, when, in an effort to reverse global warming, they instead cause a global ice age.  Because of this error, no one can live outside and all that is left of humanity is living on a train.  A train that has been looping around the earth, we are told, for the past seventeen years.  Of course, humanity cannot leave its fatal flaws behind and so the train is a social microcosm where the have-nots inhabit the back of the train and the one percenters inhabit the front, living a much better lifestyle.  The train is the creation of Wilford, a man more elusive than Oz, and his corporation which is simultaneously beneficent and sinister, especially for those who inhabit the back of train.  The inhabitants of the back of the train lead by Curtis (Chris Evans) decide to mount a revolt with the goal of taking control of the engine at the front of the train.  What follows is a rough and tumble gauntlet of violent action culminating in a showdown with Wilford.

As post-apocalyptic films go, Snowpiercer incorporates everything you might expect from such fare. Many modern-day themes are explored--pollution, poverty, class warfare, cannibalism, drug abuse, conservation, and the corporate domination of society, just to name a few.   Placing the story within the confines of a train is inventive and provides for intriguing obstacles and stimulating visuals.  A highlight of the film is a memorable performance by an almost unrecognizable Tilda Swinton in a prosthetic nose and teeth as one of Wilford’s minions.  [In fact, her character is the inspiration for the title of this post.  You’ll just have to see the movie to get it.]  Overall, after watching Snowpiercer,  I felt thoroughly entertained, but had no hope for the future of humanity.

Snowpiercer is currently playing at Phipp’s Plaza.  It is also streaming on Amazon Instant Video.

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