Wednesday, August 16, 2017

5 Movies to Watch If You Can't Stand Nazis

In no particular order, here are some movies that might entertain you more than watching Richard Spencer getting punched in the face.

  1. Marathon Man--Watch Dustin Hoffman outrun the likes of Sir Laurence Olivier who plays a sadistic Nazi dentist hellbent on finding some diamonds.  For added fun, take a swig of an adult beverage every time Sir asks, “Is it safe?”

  2. American History X--It takes a stint in prison to make a buff Edward Norton change his evil neo-Nazi ways.  Will Norton be able to save his younger brother, played by an only slightly annoying Edward Furlong, from following a similar path of hate?

  3. Neo Ned--Jeremy Renner plays a mentally ill neo-Nazi (duh) who falls in love with an equally disturbed black woman (Gabrielle Union) who thinks she’s Hitler. Say what?!!!

    [Sadly, no official trailer.  Boo!] 
  4. Dead Snow--Nazi Zombies! Zombie Nazis! In any case, they are all dead.  In the snow.

  5. Raiders of the Lost Ark--Watch a Nazi’s face melt off!  You don’t have to watch any other scene in the movie.


P.S.  On a more serious note, Rest in Power Heather Heyer. #Charlottesville

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