Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The ATL Gets No Love

The downside of being an independent and arthouse film lover in the ATL is that all the good stuff opens in NYC or LA first. If these type of movies do make it to the ATL, there are basically three places you can see them: Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, The Tara, and The Plaza Theater. Sometimes you can catch a screening here or there. And if the film you’re interested in actually makes it to Atlanta, you have to see it quickly before it is gone in a flash. I say this to preface the fact that Spike Lee’s new joint Passing Strange is set to open at the IFC cinema in NYC and I can’t see it. The only saving grace is that it will be on cable on IFC on Demand starting on August 26. But still, I want to see it on a big screen near me now. [Imagine a grown woman throwing a fit like a two-year old.] Boo hiss.

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