Friday, August 21, 2009

No Remakes For Me

Word on the street is that a remake of Dirty Dancing is in the works. WHAT? Wasn’t Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights torture enough? So I thought I’d compile a listing of other remakes allegedly coming in the next few years that I absolutely do not want to see:

  • The Birds–No one can do Hitchcock better than Hitchcock.
  • Oldboy–This Korean cult classic cannot be translated well into American sensibilities.
  • Child’s Play–Why?
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show–The original is still playing at a theater near you
  • Rosemary’s Baby–You know a new version would show what the baby looked like and that ain’t right. [And probably include a subplot about suing the devil for child support.]
  • Footloose–With Zac Efron? Can you say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

I’ll be honest and confess that I will be seeing the remake of Fame coming out this fall. I don’t have any delusions that it will be as good as the original, but I’m a sucker for kitschy song and dance flicks.

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