Monday, August 3, 2009

Go Independent

The PBS program Independent Lens sponsors screenings of its independent films in 50 cities nationwide, including Atlanta. The screenings known as Community Cinema usually present the films before they air on PBS and promote dialog on various contemporary issues. They have recently announced their 2009-2010 season of films here. No Community Cinema events in Atlanta have been announced yet, but I will post them when they become available. I am especially interested in seeing Mine. See the synopsis quoted below:

By Geralyn Pezanoski

During the evacuation for Hurricane Katrina, people were forced to leave behind more than just their homes. Thousands of stranded pets were rescued and then adopted into new homes across the United States. As residents slowly returned to try and rebuild their lives, these “Katrina pets” became the center of full-blown custody battles, with people on both sides struggling to do what was right in the midst of an impossibly complex situation.

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