Saturday, August 1, 2009

Performance Anxiety

Tonight I went to a screening of Medicine for Melancholy at the Pan-African Film Festival which is taking place this weekend as part of the National Black Arts Festival. The screening featured the writer and director Barry Jenkins, as well as Bold as Love blogger Rob Fields, journalist Farai Chedeya, and URB ALT founder and artist Boston Fielder. I was very excited about the screening and hearing the panelists discuss African-Americans who embrace a some what indy or what is perceived to be non-mainstream interests in film and music. But after the screening and during the panel discussion, I had to think--how serious am I about this blogging thing? There was a whole row of people who had their laptops, netbooks, and digital cameras out--serious bloggers. I was empty handed. I was not even taking notes with rudimentary instruments such as pen and paper. Honestly, there was no way I could bring my computer. Although I bought it new five years ago, in techno years, it's about a decade old. Am I old fashioned for wanting to just be and experience the event unhampered by the trappings of 21st Century gadgets? Whatever. The beauty of having your own blog is doing it your own way.

Oh, if you did not make it to the screening, it's unlikely you'll be able to see Medicine for Melancholy in a theater anytime soon. That's the bane of independent film. But you may be able to order on demand from your cable company which is how I saw it originally. You can read a full review here.

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