Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's in the Blood

So I weaned myself away from my space heater, bundled up, and headed out to the multiplex to see Daybreakers.  What I liked most about the film was its meticulous attention to detail to establish another world.  It's 2019 and most people have opted to become vampires, apparently due to some plague or outbreak cause by bats.  But like most decisions of this magnitude, people didn't really think it out.  And with the dwindling of the natural human population, the vamps are starving.  And, in this world, when vamps starve they turn into grotesque hybrid human-bat nasties.  [That's totally my description.]  Basically devoid of any remnants of their humanity.  Ethan Hawke is Edward, a vamp and hematologist searching for a cure or a way to live on synthetic blood.  When he runs into a group of rebel humans, he discovers that there may be a solution offered by a vampire's worst enemy--daylight. 

I thought the story was very inventive and there were a lot of metaphors for today's world--corporate greed and corruption and our constant struggle for limited resources.  There's also a good amount of gore and the kind of gross-out moments you'd expect in a vampire movie.  However, I didn't like the ending.  It was much too tidy and was a total set-up for a sequel.  Really, Hollywood, we don't always need a sequel.  Audiences are sophisticated and we know when we're being sucked in.  Sometimes its better just to end the story.

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