Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Chick at the Festival Part 2

Saturday afternoon, I wandered back over to Landmark Midtown Art Cinema to see another screening at the 2011 Atlanta Film Festival.  Another documentary, Miss Representation, caught my fancy.  It was an interesting expose on how much the media focuses on women's bodies and sexually objectifies women to the point where girls and young women are hard-pressed to aspire to positions of power or have healthy images of themselves or a high level of self-esteem.  This topic is nothing new, but I couldn't help being angry.  As an Ivy-League trained attorney, I have had my share of being treated "less than" in the legal world which is definitely still dominated by men even though women make up half the population and half of those earning JDs.  We don't see that many images of real women in leadership roles in the media and, when we do, those women are usually attacked based on how they look or how unfeminine they are allegedly acting.  We owe more to our girls, and boys for that matter, than projecting girls and women as mindless sex objects.  That is all.

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