Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jamie Foxx & Martin Lawrence--What the Hell? UPDATE

I reported this in November 2009: "Word on the street is that Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence are planning on doing a movie featuring their 1990s' characters Wanda (In Living Color) and Sheneneh (Martin). My question is WHY? Isn't Tyler Perry in drag as Madea one black man in drag too many for this millennium? Do we really need to go back in time and resurrect these two characters for the big screen? This is a bad bad idea."

UPDATE--Apparently this bad idea now has a title ---wait for it ... SKANK ROBBERS
Again, what. the. %$@2!  hell?  And, according to Shadow and Act, Halle Berry is attached.  Is this what happens when black actors win an Oscar?  I thought Cuba Gooding in Boat Trip was bad. I can't...

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