Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Demon Inside

Seemingly becomes unleashed if you are male, fueled by drugs and alcohol, and spend one night in Bangkok.  Such is the take away from The Hangover II.  And I'm not going to lie, the movie was funny, funny, and more funny because it was over-the-top Silly with a capital "S."  I'm not going to give anything away because that would surely spoil the fun.  The premise is pretty much the same as the first--one of the men is getting married which calls for a raucous celebration during which everybody gets drunk and/or drugged and can't remember what went down the next morning.  And, of course, someone goes missing.  A featured highlight is the addition of a monkey and more prominence of Ken Jeong as the hilarious  Mr. Chow.  Mike Tyson returned too, but I will say they didn't make the most out of him returning as they could have.  In particular because Mike Tyson can't sing or rap.  [You'll see what I mean.]  I did cringe a bit at the misogyny that was aimed at Asian women and, I'm not sure how this film escaped an NC-17 with all the full frontal male nudity. [I think I saw at least four different penises.]  Not for the prudish or evangelist crowd.  But I laughed a lot.  The demon inside made me.

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