Thursday, May 26, 2011

What You Do For Love

Jack Goes BoatingI recently watched Jack Goes Boating on Netflix instant.  The film is directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman who also stars as the titular Jack.  Jack is a NYC limo driver who seems not to have too much going on in life.  His best friends Clyde and Lucy, a married couple, decide to set him up with the shy and painfully awkward Connie, played by the talented Amy Ryan.  And there's a spark.  When Connie mentions that she would one day like to go boating for a date and would like someone to cook for her, Jack starts to make some changes in his life.  Clyde teaches Jack to swim so he can go boating and Jack takes cooking lessons from a chef.  While Connie and Jack's love is slowly blooming, Clyde and Lucy's marriage is quietly unraveling despite outward appearances.  The pacing of this movie is such that it almost felt like watching a play. While not chock full of action or plot, you can feel the tiny butterflies of a new relationship being born and the raspy exhale of a relationship dying despite best efforts to resuscitate.  I thought the movie was wonderfully bittersweet.  And the film reminded me of the below old school jam from Bobby Caldwell, hence the title of this post. A little vintage blue-eyed soul never hurt anyone.  Enjoy!

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